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Identity Records drop ‘Code 4’ Various Artists EP


Identity Records has been hard at work! They’ve searched the depths of Drum & Bass to find the freshest beats and most innovative creations out there. With three releases already out they are gaining widespread acclaim at breakneck speeds. It’s apparent the best is yet to come.

With their ‘Code 4’ EP, Identity Records formula for hard-hitting beats and mind fracturing sounds gets blown open further. Continuing to expand on the genre and its sounds in mind-bending fashion is Recon. He’s crafted a wobbly infectious tune with ‘Truth Be Told’. His creativity is on full display here. Blending the warped sounds of the bassline with hypnotic effects in a truly eye-opening manner. The bouncy rhythm itself is a real twist on the patterns employed in this genre, cementing the addictive vibe this tune carries.

Melodrama delivers the goods on ‘Mind Warp’ as we continue the riotous trip. This is one serious head trip, with its dark moody vibe and relentless pacing. The echo-drenched atmosphere and the impact of the stripped-back snare force the mind to wander to unexplored places. Meanwhile, the deep throb of the bass and the sinister texture of the distortion causes your body to find new ways of contorting itself.

Jenks and Esoro bring out the heavy artillery on their track and our premiere, ‘Step Into My’. The grinding bass that permeates the track creates a rambunctious feeling that encapsulates pure energy. Backing this up is a powerful surging rhythm. The freeform ferocity of the hat section, and a vocal sample that creates the perfect storm on this track.

Using the high-octane chatter of the hat section with a driving beat is Resslek’s ‘Krikle’. This takes a furious and fierce adventure into the dark side of Drum & Bass. Its hard-edged beat and subterranean sub hit the body like a jackhammer, as it makes careful use of slow crescendos to offset the minimal nature embodied in this song. It’s short but sweet, maximizing its potential in the most effective ways. 

Check out Jenks X Esoro ‘Step Into My’ below. The ‘Code 4’ EP drops on 27th November. This is a free download so make sure you check back and grab a copy from here!