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Hyperlynx drops ‘Genesis’ EP on FutureVibes Music


Presenting the latest release from the esteemed Canadian bass label, FutureVibes Music, an auditory treat awaits the discerning ears in Victoria, B.C. FutureVibes has been steadily making its mark in the realm of bass music across Canada and beyond, championing a roster of talented Canadian artists hailing from all corners of the country. These homegrown talents bring a remarkable blend of musical prowess and artistic expression to the underground genres. Now, with their ninth release, the ‘Genesis’ EP, FutureVibes introduces a captivating four-track solo project by the mastermind known as Hyperlynx, the wizard of Victoria’s 170 BPM scene.

Hyperlynx has spent a decade perfecting his craft within the realm of 170 BPM. His expertise spans various subgenres of drum and bass, firmly establishing himself as a pillar of the genre and an esteemed member of the FutureVibes family. With a steady stream of releases in recent years, Hyperlynx has garnered increasing recognition and praise from Drum & Bass enthusiasts, solidifying his presence in Victoria’s vibrant nightlife.

The ‘Genesis’ EP exudes pure energy from start to finish, making it an ideal selection for prime-time sets rather than mere opening duties. The EP includes an impressive collaboration with Ottawa’s Trench Foot, as their joint creation, ‘Bravado’, unleashes an irresistible dancefloor anthem that exemplifies the rising global momentum of Canadian producers.

The EP’s opening track, ‘Poppin’, kicks off with a mariachi-inspired melody, complete with a lively horn section, before seamlessly transitioning into a punchy drum and bass roller. The persistent presence of the horn section adds a distinctive touch, enriching the composition and imbuing it with a rugged charm.

‘Wormhole’ is a bouncey, steppy little number, with a sci-fi feel throughout. A heavy neuro bassline and random glitchy sounds make this futuristic track a real dancefloor weapon!

The title track, ‘Genesis’, captivates with its haunting synth sample and a bassline that hits with the force of a sledgehammer. ‘Genesis’ is bound to dominate festival sound systems this summer, serving as the perfect soundtrack for bass-induced expressions and the rhythmic march of the dancefloor.

Overall, the production quality of the ‘Genesis’ EP is second to none, with its hard-hitting beats and basslines leaving an indelible impact. Amidst the sonic assault, moments of melodic ingenuity emerge, elevating ‘Genesis’ to the status of a well-rounded classic within the 170 BPM realm.

Today we premiere ‘Wormhole’ which you can check out below. The ‘Genesis’ EP drops tomorrow (Friday 16th June), make sure you grab a copy from here!

Genesis cover

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