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Humanoid prepare to drop first VA ‘Cyborgs’ EP


When you think about the sound of Techstep, who springs to mind? For Humanoid and myself, we think of artists like Raiden and Trace, two of the OG’s of the sound. These are the artists who paved the way for what they do and artists they admired for as long as they’ve been into the techy sound. With that in mind, Humanoid decided to invite them along for the next release on the newly founded label.

Humanoid are proud to present the second release, or the first of their various artists’ EP series, appropriately entitled ‘Cyborgs’. One of the main reasons Humanoid moved into starting a label was to provide a platform for artists who make the original sound they love so dearly. Being in contact with artists, and giving them a platform for their music at events, the team decided to bring that same mentality to a label. The music you hear on the label is music you’ll hear at their events, and the VA EP series is the best example of that.

HMND002 features the likes of Raiden and Trace, as well as their very own artists, PRTCL, Xenon and SpecOne. The release paves the way for a style of Drum & Bass they feel is not receiving the attention it needs in the scene. Expect a combination of heavy-hitting drums, and vibes reminiscent of the early Drum & Bass sound. The artwork is also designed in house by Humanoid’s founder and sculptor, Dominika Huma, in collaboration with Efren Mur.

Today we premiere DJ Trace’s contribution to the EP, ‘Template’. The instant this starts a smile creeps across my face and I start bouncing in my chair. This is Techstep at it’s very best and easily one of my favourite uploads from November.

Check out ‘Template’ below. The ‘Cyborgs’ EP will be out on Humanoid and available on all good digital download stores on the 27th of November 2020. Make sure you grab it from here


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