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Hexa drops ‘Everything’ EP on Rebel Music


Introducing Hexa, an enigmatic master of Drum & Bass, renowned for crafting deep, dark, bold, and heavy sounds that are about to set the music scene ablaze. Brace yourself for an electrifying experience as he unleashes his highly anticipated four-track EP, ‘Everything’, under the London-based label, Rebel Music. This release promises to captivate listeners with its raw energy and innovative production, showcasing an enthralling fusion of synthesis and intricate drum patterns.

Hexa’s unrivalled sound is a testament to his mastery of synthesisers, seamlessly weaving them into every element of his music. This sonic wizardry creates a hypnotic and transcendent auditory journey, drawing inspiration from the world around him to craft a breathtaking landscape that delves deep into his imagination.

Leading the charge on the EP is the mesmerizing title track, ‘Everything’. A true masterpiece, this song serves as a gateway into Hexa’s world, enticing the audience with pulsating subs, ethereal pads, and meticulously crafted melodies that epitomize his signature sound, leaving listeners yearning for more.

Three equally formidable compositions complement the EP. ‘Spectre’ weaves an eerie atmosphere, casting a spell on listeners with its sinister bassline and intricate percussions. ‘Storm’ unleashes an audio thunderstorm, showcasing Hexa’s effortless ability to blend abrasive elements with a symphony of synthesized brilliance. Finally, ‘Tokyo’ immerses the listener in a futuristic cityscape, evoking the bustling energy of a metropolis with its pounding rhythms and infectious melodies.

Rebel Music, a renowned London-based record label known for pushing boundaries, proudly welcomes Hexa’s ‘Everything’ into their esteemed catalogue. With their discerning taste and dedication to promoting innovative artists, Rebel Music recognizes Hexa’s exceptional talent and aims to amplify his impact on the global Drum & Bass scene.

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey of sonic exploration as Hexa’s music resonates through your speakers, transporting you to new dimensions of sound and creativity.

Check out our premiere of ‘Everything’ below. The EP drops this Friday 4th August via Rebel Music. Make sure you grab yourself a copy from here!

Everything cover

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