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Hadley debuts on RAM with ‘Cause Of My Environment’ EP


Hailing from an area which is often considered as a hub for drum & bass, including RAM Records‘ own 30-year history, Chelmsford-based Hadley is about to debut on RAM Records through a standalone package of tracks on the imprint. After first taking stage under its banner on RAM’s sister-label ProgRAM through his ‘Sleepless’ EP, he’s now graduated and his forthcoming package ‘Cause Of My Environment’ EP highlights why he’s adding himself into the new era of RAM which is showcasing itself within the third decade of its existence. 

‘Cause of My Environment’ sets the pace through the skipping, hardlined drum percussion of ‘Catching Feelings’, as tracks such as ‘Chasing Dreams’ with nods to its namesake through its spoken word grooves provided by Hadley himself on vocals and stacked bass layers follows next. ‘Dangerous Mind’ then lends itself to the late-night jump up flavours which make Hadley’s sets so identifiable. Finally, ‘She’s a Keeper’ brings down the levels with its gurgling LFOs. Through this EP, Hadley carves his place within RAM through this forthcoming bundle. Affirming why he’s played a significant part inside its camp this summer and will continue to do so over the coming months.

Today we premiere ‘Catching Feelings’ which you can check out below. The ‘Cause Of My Environment’ EP drops this Friday 16th September and will be available for you to grab from here!

Cause Of My Environment cover

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