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Grinda joins M Ocean Records with ‘Where You Gonna Go’ EP


M Ocean Records warmly welcome Grinda, a producer whose music can take you on an elaborate journey. Showcasing his level of production and knowledge of music creating layers of experimental soundscapes entwined with incredible and unique beats. ‘Where U Gonna Go’ is sure to satisfy the desires of those after classic funky soulful liquid sounds, subtle beats and bouncing basslines in the mix.

Catching you by surprise ‘Where U Gonna Go‘ opens with a funky guitar melody and builds towards layers of techy textured synths till the drop. With catchy vocals and punchy drum rolls, ‘Where U Gonna Go‘ explores assorted electronic spaces while still keeping the sound that is signature to Grinda.

‘Darling Night’ features mesmerising driven detailed looping synth hooks orbiting round and round underneath rolling drums that will leave listeners in a trance.

Lastly ‘Beam’ crafts surround sounds of cinematic waves upon sublayers with light airy kicks and synth surges merging stunning blends of rolling breaks and warm pads within smooth soundscapes, making ‘Beam’ a sound you’ll have on repeat.

Today we premiere ‘Where You Gonna Go’ which you can check out below. The EP drops on Thursday 8th September and is available for you to get your hands on from here!

Where You Gonna Go cover

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