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Gravital lands on Identity Records with ‘Tension / Pulse’


Demolishing the sound barrier once again, Identity Records presents two tracks from none other than Gravital called ‘Tension’ and ‘Pulse’. Known for his high-octane productions that feature everything from throbbing deep minimal to explosively heavy rollers, he has crafted two fresh cuts that push the stripped-back sounds to a new level – fusing the deepest side of the genre with a searing style of production, it holds nothing back in its powerful delivery.   

Opening with a menacing weighty sub, ‘Tension’ is fierce in both its rhythm and sound design. The rolling drums have a thick and crunchy energy, relentlessly driving the song forward with increasing fury as the song progresses. Bubbling Sci-fi stabs and a hypnotic screeching tone hover across the landscape, swirling about like a swarm of insects forever on the verge of attack. It’s a relentless weapon filled with raw atmosphere and gut-punching drums that’ll stop you dead in your tracks.

‘Pulse’ is a deep minimal workout: techy hat shuffles, haunting atmospheres, intense driving drums, and a ferociously deep sub combine to give this track its unique fervour. Each layer is infused to the brim with white-hot energy; colliding and competing in infinite duels for space creates an overwhelming wall of pressure that tears down everything in its path. Taking no prisoners, it amps the intensity to its absolute peak making a speaker-destroying tune like nothing heard before.

Today we premiere ‘Tension’ which you can check out below. The release drops this Friday 31st March, make sure you grab a copy from the link here!

Tension cover

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