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Gigan drops ‘Invisible’ EP on Dirtbox Recordings


From time to time, Dirtbox Recordings emphasises the global nature of Drum & Bass, highlighting its ability to unite people like no other music genre. At Dirtbox, they collaborate with exceptionally talented artists who produce incredible music, which they take pride in showcasing and releasing. Today is no exception, as they introduce Gigan, also known as Mike Thomas, from Dallas, Texas, USA, and present his latest EP titled ‘Invisible’.

Although they are uncertain whether Gigan is a fan of the Mavericks or the Cowboys, one thing is clear: his love for Drum & Bass shines through not only in his own productions but also in the establishment of prominent record labels that aim to promote and support similar artists. Notably, he is associated with Boomslang and, more recently, Venom Shroud.

Many recognize Gigan as “Mike Ragga-Scum,” a renowned junglist with a remarkable track record as a producer, DJ, label owner, and former columnist for the UK publication Knowledge Magazine.

Regarding his productions, Gigan has left his mark on various releases, not only on his own imprints but also on labels such as 6Blocc, GTA, and, of course, Dirtbox Recordings.

‘Get Low’ sets the stage for this exceptional EP, opening with an absolute banger. The movie sample used will immediately catch your attention, drawing you into a deep and dark techy Drum & Bass roller that undoubtedly ranks among the best you’ll hear this year.

The intensity doesn’t let up with ‘Heatwave,’ a track that some may recall as an exclusive from Dirtbox’s ‘Best of 2022’ album. It was included as a teaser for what was to come on this EP and has already caused quite a stir. Brace yourself and let this high-paced, rolling, and tech-infused track take you on a thrilling ride.

Moving on to the title track, ‘Invisible,’ the EP enters its midpoint. Movie samples create an atmospheric intro, leading to a drop that unmistakably embodies the classic Renegade Hardware sound. This track is a true embodiment of dark and relentless Drum & Bass.

As we arrive at ‘Gangland Warfare,’ the premise of this EP becomes even more apparent, with snippets from classic movies seamlessly woven in and out. The intro features electrifying static shocks, quickly transitioning into more tech-driven rollers and impactful bass hits that send shivers down your spine. Each track on this release is akin to a heat-seeking missile, poised to ignite the dance floor.

And finally, ‘Magnum Opus’ greets us with an unexpected twist. The opening might evoke thoughts of Borat playing instruments with his peculiarly talented sister in their village, but in reality, it unfolds as an epic violin-driven introduction that is sure to capture your attention.

Today we premiere ‘Gangland Warfare’ which you can check out below. The ‘Invisible’ EP drops tomorrow, Friday 7th July, and is available for you to grab here!

Invisible cover

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