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GIANT22 drops ‘Chapter 8’ on EPO22 Music Tales


Get ready and fasten your seatbelt as GIANT22 presents his latest release, ‘Chapter 8’, showcasing two extraordinary tracks: ‘Virtual Love’ and ‘We Go’. Embark on a thrilling Drum & Bass expedition that will sweep you away on a captivating sonic journey you’ll remember for a long time.

‘Virtual Love’ commences the adventure with its enchanting and captivating female vocals that will transport you to a realm beyond your wildest imagination. The track’s ethereal melodies and otherworldly sounds create a dreamlike ambience that enthrals you, immersing you in a state of trance as you float through the cosmos with every beat.

Taking a different direction, ‘We Go’ incorporates robot-voice samples and pulsating beats that will compel you to stomp your feet and bob your head. The track’s energy is contagious, and the repetitive ‘everywhere we go’ sample will make you feel like a superstar, even if you find yourself dancing alone in your room.

With its infectious beats and pulsating rhythms, ‘Chapter 8’ serves as the ideal soundtrack for any night out or party, whether you’re on the dancefloor or enjoying it at home. So turn up the volume, surrender to the music, and allow GIANT22 to transport you to an entirely different dimension.

Today we premiere ‘Virtual Love’ which you can check out below. ‘Chapter 8’ drops today via EPO22 Music Tales, make sure you grab a copy from here!

Chapter 8 cover

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