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Gella lands on Dance Concept with ‘First Contact’ EP


Dance Concept has been running since 1999 putting on events all over the UK as well as being a Premier Drum n Bass label with releases from some of the worlds biggest artists.

Gella is one of the best things to come out of West Yorkshire in recent times. He has caused a big stir in the Jungle/D&B scene of late with his unique style of Drum & Bass with a classic twist. Gella is one third of Bristol-based upstarts Super Sharp Recordings and also represents Bristol stalwarts Born on Road and Benny V‘s long-running Dance Concept imprint.

Tracks such as the breakout underground hit ‘Itch & Scratch’, ‘Everybody’, ‘Monsters’ and ‘Murdah’ showcase Gella’s versatile production chops. His skills have gained track support from the likes of Noisia, The Upbeats, S.P.Y, Nicky Blackmarket, Levela, Ray Keith, Benny V, Brian Brainstorm, Aphrodite, Aries, Kelvin 373 and Jacky Murda.

Now he lands on Dance Concept with his new release the ‘First Contact’ EP. The EP consists of 3 original tracks ‘1 2 3’, ‘We Have Contact’ and ‘Feel So Great’. There’s also a remix of Benny V & K-Warren ‘How Ya Feeling’ as an added bonus. Flowing between jungle vibes fused to a more dark dirty stepper sound, this is, in my opinion, a solid EP.

We’ve been advised to tell you to watch this space for more from Gella in the near future. Which we are very excited about!

Today we premiere ‘1 2 3’ which starts off with soothing melodic strings, then, the first drop comes. The dark dirty stepper sound intermingles with a jungle break. Keeping things rolling along to the second drop where more breaks madness ensues. This would definitely get me off my arse and dancing, the energy doesn’t let up.

Check out Gella ‘1 2 3’ below. The EP drops tomorrow (2nd October) make sure you grab it from here


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