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Furious Freaks drop ‘The Sentence’ EP on Phase Records DNB


Phase Records DNB is stoked to introduce three awesome newcomers to their lineup – the powerhouse trio known as Furious Freaks, straight out of Prague.

These guys aren’t greenhorns; they’ve dropped tunes on some heavyweight labels like Trust Audio, DeVice, SINFUL MAZE, and Grand Theft Audio. Catch them spinning records in Czech Republic venues or tearing it up at Let It Roll festival – they’re practically regulars there. Phase Records has been vibing with their beats for ages, so it’s a real pleasure for them to have Furious Freaks drop ‘The Sentence’ EP on the label.

This four-track EP is like a snapshot of their grind over the last couple of years. It’s a showcase of their love for crafting intense, dramatic soundscapes. Each tune has its own flavour, but it all ties back to that signature Furious Freaks vibe they’ve been pushing from the get-go.

Take ‘The Sentence’ and ‘Intentions,’ for example – they’re like cinematic journeys with big build-ups, creating tension that pays off when the beats finally drop. Then you’ve got ‘Where Are You From’ and ‘Denial,’ bringing that rolling energy that’s always been the heart of Furious Freaks, representing the wild spirit of Drum & Bass.

Whether you’re into epic stories or just want to feel the groove, ‘The Sentence’ EP promises a killer listening and raving experience.

Today we premiere the title track which you can check out below. ‘The Sentence’ EP drops this Friday 9th February, you can grab a copy for your collection from here!

The Sentence EP cover

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