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Freek & Kit drop ‘Calm’ on Multi Function Records


Many years ago, Freek & Kit met following a completely chance encounter. This marked the beginning of what would naturally evolve into a new fresh and quite a different take on the ever-changing upfront side of drum and bass.

Their first two releases in 2016 ‘Once Again’ and ‘Phat Cat’, on Freeks ‘Unholy’ EP were really well received in the D’n’B scene. The music would soon be seen as the foundation for a signature style they have started to develop between them.

There’s such a wide range of influences between them. Kit grew up listening to the likes of Prince and Nat King Cole and Freek takes influences from his love of both drum and bass and rock/metal.

Both artists are classically trained to use a wide range of instruments. This shows in their ability to write great songs, which are really impressive both musically and electronically.

‘Calm’ is the first part of their new duo project. It follows on from the theme of ‘Phat Cat’ with its swinging beats, catchy vocals and thumping basslines. ‘Calm’ has already gathered underground hype within the drum and bass scene. It paints a picture of where this duo intends to take this project going forward!

Today we have the pleasure of premiering Freek & Kit ‘Calm’. It drops via Multi Function Records on 26th June. Check it out below and grab a copy here