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Frankie Knight’s ‘Tijuana’ gets remixed by Loggi


‘Blue Marble’ is Frankie Knight’s debut self-produced solo album. Thought-provoking and conscious, yet soothing and dreamlike. The album is named after the famous image of Earth taken by Apollo 17, bringing a collection of tracks all inspired and held together by the theme of unity.

Frankie Knight’s remixed album follows up from her debut 2019 album ‘Blue Marble’, consisting of club ready tracks, released on MIOHMI Records. The new album see’s an array of home grown and international talent. With artists takes on the revered album, ‘Tijuana’, ‘Cherish’, ‘I Believe’, ‘Better Off’ and ‘Nothing Is Permanent’ selected for the project. Producers have chosen the track they felt they have a bond with. Thus, the same songs get to exist in these alternate realities, meaning people with different styles of music get to have a relationship with the track. 

Loggi has made a huge impact within the electronic dance world. He created album for SOUR Records but it ended up being snapped up by sister label Emotif Records. ‘Back to the Jungle’ was an album whose sound is still evident in new artists today.  Hot off the heels off his wicked track with Chakra Blue and Spoonface, Loggi is back showcasing a different side to his production skills. Loggi has been a busy guy from working with Kosheen Sian EvansPat FulgoniPotential Badboy. All of which, have a solid history in the music scene. With support from DexcellDJ DaraDJ Aphrodite, DJ Andy, Roni Size & Toddla T.

Today we premiere Loggi’s remix of Frankie Knight’s ‘Tijuana’. The track was written about the divided Mexico/US border city and serves to highlight the record’s unifying theme. Balearic-inspired beats and understated harmonies pulsate alongside sounds recorded by Knight at her local beach. You can count on Drum & Bass producer Loggi to amp it up a notch with his take on ‘Tijuana’. He’s crafted something completely fresh! It’s lush sweeping atmospheric layers set the tone for this track alongside an undercurrent of Mexican trumpet melodies take you straight down to a mesmeric drop. 

Check out ‘Tijuana’ below. The remix album drops on 16th October via MIOHMI RECORDS. Make sure you grab yourself a copy from here