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Frank Lemon reboots Fresh Recordings with new single ‘Everytime’


A decade ago, Frank Lemon catalyzed the Austrian Drum & Bass scene with the establishment of his record label and event series, ‘Fresh‘. Over the subsequent 10 years, a period marked by innovation and pulsating rhythms, the label gradually receded into obscurity. However, as it approaches its milestone 10th anniversary, Fresh Recordings emerges once more, resolute and rejuvenated. Spearheaded by Frank Lemon himself, the label’s resurgence is heralded by a formidable single release entitled ‘Everytime’, rekindling the fervour of Drum & Bass enthusiasts worldwide. This resurgence not only signifies a return to prominence but also underscores a resolute commitment—to infuse fresh perspectives into the Drum & Bass landscape.

A stunning confluence of Neurofunk and Dancefloor dynamism – ‘Everytime’ epitomizes the essence of contemporary Drum & Bass. Seamlessly melding the intricate rhythms and percussive nuances of neurofunk with the infectious energy of the dancefloor, Frank Lemon delivers an exhilarating auditory experience bound to evoke a craving for more.

Austrian DJ and Producer Frank Lemon breathes life into the world of Drum & Bass with each composition. Drawing inspiration from luminaries such as Pendulum and The Prodigy, his musical oeuvre embodies a fusion of untamed vigor and imaginative ingenuity.

Check out our premiere of Frank Lemon ‘Everytime’ below. The track drops this Thursday (16th May). Make sure you gran a copy from here!

Everytime cover

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