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Four Corners drop ‘Summer 2021-Part 2-The Club’


Raybee returns to Four Corners Music with his contribution to part 2 of their massive summer compilation. This part of the LP is aimed at the club and here Raybee delivers a serious club weapon that will destroy dancefloors!

Four Corners Music wanted to put something out to celebrate getting back to the dancefloor (although we are still waiting for that to happen in the UK) and provide a soundtrack to your summer! Whether that be at the beach, the club or the after-party they’ve got you covered! If you’re not in the UK and your situation is different, they want to send you love and great music, so why not just celebrate the fact that it’s summer with them!

Four Corners always like to represent new talent on the label, while also supporting and pushing their key artists further into the Drum & Bass world and this project is a real showcase of that. What started out as an idea for some summery tunes on an album very quickly turned into the 4 part monster that it is today. They were overwhelmed by the amount of great music they received. There was just so much good music they had to do something to accommodate it, therefore the concept of the summer LP was born and the music was split into 3 parts – The Beach, The Club and of course, The After-Party, with part 4 featuring some bonus tracks and a megamix by Four Corners artist Umax.

Hailing from Brighton but currently residing up in Manchester, Raybee is studying a music degree and running his own imprint Royal Audio. Raybee has a unique style and a flawless taste for the types of shellers you’d expect in fabric till the crack of dawn on a Saturday morning. Most of us can relate to that, can’t we?!

Check out Raybee’s track for the LP ‘Pressure’ below! This part of the LP is out on Beatport now and will be available everywhere else on 5th July! Make sure you grab it from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!


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