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Focal Tone drops ‘Passage Of Time’ EP on inHabit Recordings


There’s a few fundamental truths I am ready to tell you all now – the big wheel keeps on turning, and the insatiable pressure for new content that the marketplace exerts on the narrow shoulders of the Drum & Bass economy only ever increases.

What does this mean for inHabit Recordings, a small Irish label, a plucky underdog with a growing fan-base – not quite a minnow, but not yet a salmon all the same? I’ll tell you what it means – it means absolutely nothing to them because they only release music they are 100% behind and they release it no sooner than it is ready to be released. Which means, this latest four track EP from Focal Tone has been conceptualised, constructed, pored over, dissected, engineered, tested, improved, mastered and released after a process as painstaking and deliberate as the construction of a hypercar or a continent-spanning bridge. Every note and sound and rivet across these four tracks is deliberately placed, not one frequency has gone wasted or unfilled, and all four tracks, are, frankly, absolute weapons of a hitherto unimaginable lethality.

Passage Of Time cover

The EP opens with our premiere ‘Passage of Time’ which sets the tone with a crushing kick-based groove that gets embellished with snares, toms, and great big surging washes of celestial beauty morphing into cavernous cosmic horror and back.

‘Conduit’ is a more subdued slice of dancefloor funk, stepping out neatly and rolling out discretely, with percussive touches, warp and weft, underpinned by a well-hidden tunefulness that belies the synthetic coldness of its tonal vocabulary. Subtle and deadly like a concealed blade. Winding things up neatly.

‘Face Value’ in collaboration with Kowa comes in two versions, which I guess kind of ironically means you can’t actually take it at face value. In any case, the original cut has absolutely soaring epic strings and a filtered break that steps along while a variety of ever more disgusting subby tones tear the arse out of your bassbins! And the remix from previous inHabit alumnus Azrah takes a more low-slung groove-based approach and uses the negative space to add a further layer of percussitivity. 

Check out ‘Passage Of Time’ below. The EP drops tomorrow (Friday 2nd April) you can get your hands on a copy from here