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Ferice & Geostatic come together for ‘What’s Left’ EP


Originating from the awe-inspiring landscapes of Austria, two exceptionally talented musical visionaries, Ferice and Geostatic, have united their creative forces to present an enchanting and ethereal collaborative project titled ‘What’s Left’ EP. Fueled by a shared determination to push the boundaries of music and characterized by a distinctive fusion of genres, this dynamic duo is poised to captivate listeners with their extraordinary sonic odyssey.

Hailing from Salzburg, Ferice is a visionary music producer renowned for his unparalleled ability to craft electronic melodies infused with soul and emotion, interwoven with irresistibly groovy basslines. With an innate understanding of sonic aesthetics and a deep-seated passion for melodies, Ferice has established himself as a formidable presence in the music industry, enchanting audiences worldwide with his emotionally charged compositions.

Geostatic, hailing from Graz, brings forth music defined by atmospheric elements, minimalist arrangements, and meticulously crafted rhythms. By seamlessly merging organic and electronic components, Geostatic strikes a delicate equilibrium that evokes introspection and serenity. Each track is a meticulously constructed masterpiece, with every sound and note serving a purpose within the broader sonic narrative.

The convergence of Ferice’s rhythmic prowess and Geostatic’s finesse in creating atmospheric soundscapes manifests in the ‘What’s Left EP,’ resulting in an exhilarating auditory voyage. The EP comprises a captivating collection of tracks that showcase the duo’s versatility, seamlessly blending drum & bass elements with their distinct musical perspectives. The outcome is an extraordinary creation that mesmerizes listeners from beginning to end.

Ferice and Geostatic possess an exceptional ability to challenge conventions and breathe new life into electronic music. Through their harmonious amalgamation of styles, the duo has produced a release that bridges the divide between liquid soulful music and deeply emotive compositions, offering a refreshing interpretation of drum & bass that resonates with a diverse range of audiences.

Today we premiere ‘Shifting Instances’ which you can check out below. The ‘What’s Left’ EP by Ferice and Geostatic drops via Transparent Audio this Friday, 21st July. Make sure you grab yourself a copy from here!


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