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Exploid drops ‘Substance’ on Raw Audio


‘Substance’ is going to take you into a dark world of emotions and rises into a groovy and powerful club stomper. Exploid is already well known for his individual style and a mixture of all subgenres, whether It’s Neurofunk, Liquid or Jump Up, regardless of old or new styles. So it’s more difficult to define his sound and that’s exactly what he aims for. He loves to mash them up and create something in between.

Exploid is an electronic producer and DJ hailing from Hamburg/Bremen, northern Germany. His passion for Bass Music has been building up since the early 2000s and has remained strong ever since. He combines deep analog wobbling basslines with uplifting melodies to create a unique hybrid sound.

Exploid has been expressing himself musically since he was a child. Born the son of a Jazz musician, he started drum lessons at the age of 12. A few years later, he mastered the art of Bass, Guitar, Piano and other instruments. His passion for playing and creating music has never changed and has since enabled him to smash venues as a musician, producer and DJ.

Like many, he’s been inspired by the sounds of rave, winding and wobbling basses, Exploid is already known for his signature dance floor smashing style, making music predominantly to be played in clubs. Despite this, he experiments with every kind of sound, genre and sub-genre. He’s pushing the boundaries, uniting music and doing something different. This has, and always will, be a very important part of his production style.

With releases on Raw Audio, Play Me Records, Druid Records and many more, Exploid provides all current sub-genres that Drum & Bass, Brazilian Bass and Tech House show up.

Exploid made the decision to never limit his own horizon and so he’s producing a lot of different Electronic genres and styles.

Today we premiere his new track ‘Substance’ which you can check out below. It drops today (Wednesday 25th May 2022) via Raw Audio, make sure you grab a copy for your collection from here!

Substance cover

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