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Euphonique & Dazee present Welcome To The Jungle (Album Sampler) drops today!


It’s a brand-new year, and the Jungle Cakes crew is serving up some fresh beats for you. Euphonique and Dazee are teaming up, blending their passion for oldskool Jungle right through to today’s Drum & Bass. They’ve dropped a taste of their upcoming album ‘Euphonique & Dazee present Welcome To The Jungle’, and it’s pure fire!

Euphonique’s been rocking the D&B scene since 2008, bringing the bass vibes from Manchester to Bristol. She’s been cooking up rave-ready beats on some top-notch labels. Dazee’s a true jungle OG, repping the roots of 90’s junglism while keeping it real with that modern Bristol sound. These two are taking their beats worldwide, and it’s no surprise, that all six tracks in this sampler will leave you craving more.

First up on this sampler is ‘Skip De Du Dat.’ Picture those deep subs rolling and the beats driving you crazy – it’s a ’90s-inspired gem with classic piano keys that stand the test of time.

Track 2, ‘I Miss U,’ brings back that lovely ’90s jungle vibe. Starry FXs, earthy subs, and sweet vocal hooks mix over almost wild drums, creating a nostalgic yet fresh sound.

‘Bam Bam,’ a hit for DJ Deekline and Ed Solo Ft Yolanda, gets a killer remix from Euphonique and Dazee on Track 3. Boomy subs, LFO-driven basses, and a modern-day ragga D&B beat with a heavy skank – this one’s a vibe.

Track 4, ‘Idiot Sound’ featuring ‘Killamanjaro’ from Euphonique, hits hard with clean snares and jump-up-esque wobs. It’s the perfect canvas for Killamanjaro’s unique MCing style, giving a modern twist to those ragga jungle vibes.

Track 5, ‘That’s Criminal,’ dives into darkness with wobbles, crazy subs, and high-tempo beats. Throw in some riser FXs and timely samples, and you’ve got a criminal track you can’t help but love.

Second to last on the sampler is ‘Never.’ Rolling subs, classic rave synths, and a rewind warble effect all blend seamlessly into a grimey bassline.

Last but not least, Dazee brings us ‘Addicted 2 U’ with light keys, crisp drums, and low subs, creating the perfect backdrop for sweet vocals.

These guys really nailed it with this sampler. If these six tracks are any indication, their upcoming ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ album is going to be an absolute banger. So, snag this quick and set the vibe for 2024.

Today we premiere ‘That’s Criminal’ which you can check out below. ‘Euphonique & Dazee present Welcome To The Jungle Album Sampler’ drops today, Friday 19th January, via Jungle Cakes. Make sure you grab a copy from here!

Euphonique & Dazee present Welcome To The Jungle (Album Sampler) cover

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