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Embers of Light prepares to drop ‘Everything Changes’ LP


Embers Of Light will be releasing his highly anticipated new album ‘Everything Changes’ on 16th November via Soul Deep Recordings.

Embers of Light fell in love with Drum & Bass via Adam F’s seminal Metalheadz track, ‘Metropolis’.  Hailing from Birmingham, UK and now based in Canada, as a teenager in the 1990s, he kept up to date on the latest tunes by keeping it locked on Kool FM Midlands.

He didn’t start creating his own music until his 30th birthday when his Basic Forces moniker was born. He’d go on to release both solo productions and collaborations with Melinki, Philth, ALB, Marcus Tee and Invaderz. He has appeared on such labels as Formation, INV, Soul Deep, Peer Pressure, and Influenza.

Feeling like his production work needed a clean slate, he adopted a new name, Embers of Light. Since then, he’s released an album on Four Corners Music, which included collaborations with Philth, Schematic, and 2Shy. He also has singles on pyxis’ label Beats In Mind. His fruitful relationship with Soul Deep continues with the release of ‘Everything Changes’.

“The album is really an off-the-cuff idea, as I had some tracks for a Soul Deep EP. But when COVID happened, I suddenly had a lot more time to write music in quarantine. I’d never had the freedom of that music time before, so I just kept writing. I think I had 20 tracks total.” – Embers of Light

For the title track, Embers of Light enlisted the voice of another emigrant to Canada, Valiant Emcee. With ‘Everything Changes’, Valiant caps off a productive year with collaborations with artists like Section, Sikka, Diligent Fingers, DJ Hybrid, Conrad Subs and Cyber Posix, on such labels as Fokuz, Dutty Bass Audio, and Scale Step, plus a highly lauded mix with Hospital’s Polaris.

Valiant Emcee

“We both came to Canada at about the same time, and we’d been on each other’s radar for quite a while. I originally envisioned him doing a hook or interlude, but once the breakdown came together, I knew I wanted a full verse from him” – Embers of Light

With a feel initially reminiscent of Calibre under Valiant’s self-reflective hook, Embers of Light drops an unpredictable element that immediately sets it apart: a banjo. “I just thought it sounded super unique.” The plucky banjo sample alone would be enough to perk up the listeners ears, but then the whole rail slides off into a festival-worthy hip hop groove. Over which Valiant continues to ruminate on creating change within, before cycling back into the original vibe.

Today we premiere ‘Everything Changes’ with Valiant Emcee, which you can check out below. Embers of Light ‘Everything Changes’ LP drops November 16th on Soul Deep Recordings. Make sure you grab it from here and look out for further deeper and darker projects forthcoming!!