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ELK drops ‘Copper Soul’ EP on SINE Audio


This year SINE Audio has largely focused on bringing newcomers to the forefront, and this time is no different with the debut EP from SINE’s own ELK. Having only produced since the beginning of 2020, he has been putting time into learning production while exploring all avenues of his tastes and influences and is now ready to present his diverse ‘Copper Soul’ EP.

Having previously released the minimal track ‘Shudder’ on SINE for free download, he has since settled further into his own sound, focusing more on the liquid and melodic oriented side to Drum & Bass while still retaining a deeper sound and a keen ear for creative sampling. The EP sees him take on all corners of the genre alongside vocal collaborations from Sydney and Bazil MC, and it is clear this is only the beginning.

Layers of ethereal pads, glimmering synths and steadily building percussion introduce opening track ‘Rotary’, before briskly dropping into an atmospheric, reese bass-heavy drop. As the song progresses, we are met with eerie vocals, a warped synth lead, and a halftime switch-up. This is a track that keeps twisting and turning throughout its 5-and-a-half-minute duration and is the perfect introduction to ELK’s varied sound. 

The title track ‘Copper Soul’ sees ELK team up with the smooth vocals of D&B favourite Sydney for a journey into more jazz and soul influences. Perhaps the most stripped back track of the release, this one relies on a lazy rolling drum groove, meandering piano and stunning vocal work that perfectly complements the melodies and atmosphere of the instrumental. 

‘Kazimierz Funk’ sees a slightly more experimental tip from ELK, fusing the darker and lighter sides of his musical pallet. After building tension in the intro with an increasingly busy soundscape, the tune then drops delicately into a stripped back piano and drum groove. From here, the tune continues to take unexpected turns, seeing jungle-influenced drum patterns, bouncing 808s and growling bass rips.

The final track ‘The Garden’ sees ELK yet again collaborating with more vocal talent, this time from Bazil MC. His deep, wistful tone and contemplative lyrics perfectly match up with the winding melodies and wailing synths of this tune, rounding off the EP with an introspective and reflective vibe.

Today we premiere ‘The Garden’ which you can check out below. ELK drops his ‘Copper Soul’ EP on SINE Audio on Friday 20th August, make sure you grab a copy from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!


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