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Echo Inada drops ‘Time After Time’ on Indivision Music


Following such a successful career as a producer, Indivision have recently launched a new record label of the same name. Seeking to bring new talent to the forefront and providing a home for a whole host of new releases, with both collaborations and individual work. Recent releases from Åírös, Signal Craintif, and Indivision have all made waves on the label. The next name to join the Indivision Music family is Echo Inada from New Zealand.

With support from Liquicity and SkankandBass already under his belt, the producer is certainly no stranger to the world of Drum & Bass. Returning after a three year hiatus, it is evident Echo Inada has been honing his craft and developing his sound in new ways.

The track which sees Echo Inada return is ‘Time After Time’. It opens on a vibrant, commanding note, exuding power right from the start with a dramatic introduction. Building quickly into the first drop, he showcases his gift for dancefloor with buoyant beats and luxurious vocals adding to the charm of the track. Contrasting the loudness of the drop, the interlude consists of elegant piano and softer vocals. This then builds up yet again to another colourful drop. This is a big track!

‘Time After Time’ would be perfect to tear up festivals and dancefloors. I’m sure it would undoubtedly be a season favourite! Echo Inada makes a memorable debut on the label and is setting the bar high for what to expect from both him and Indivision Music in 2020.

Check out ‘Time After Time’ below. It drops on Indivision Music on 22nd May. Please be sure to support the artist and label and grab a copy here