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Dynamics announce new mini-doc series ‘Featured’


What began as a conversation between friends trying to recall as many femxle bass music producers as possible soon led to an idea. Enada and Kyrist‘s casual chat led to the creation of a spreadsheet, which then became a database and is now a full-on movement. There are a number of initiatives that champion femxle artists in Drum & Bass but less so for the Dubstep and wider bass music scenes, so Dynamics aims to collate talent from across these worlds and present it all in one place. Dynamics have been growing at an exponential rate since they launched as more and more womxn get involved and are added to the database.

Now the Bristol-born initiative that celebrates femxle/non-binary bass music artists, introduce ‘Featured’ – a new mini-documentary series. Over the course of the documentary, the spotlight will shine on a select artist, as they explore their career and legacy through video interviews with their peers.

These intimate mini-docs tell the stories of the womxn behind the music like never before, giving a personal glimpse into what it means to be a femxle artist in today’s musical landscape. As the male-dominated narrative becomes increasingly challenged, these stories are crucial if we are to hold the door open for the next generation.

The first instalment of ‘Featured’ lands on Wednesday 16th June and features London-based Drum & Bass artist Sweetpea, and includes interviews with Sicknote, Visionobi and Chickaboo. After the release of the first video, they will follow up every other month with a new video featuring another womxn. Make sure you tune in and follow the stories as they get uploaded to YouTube!

Check out the teaser video below!

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