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Dutta combines with Jakes on ‘Reload’ on Souped Up


This year has been a big one so far for Souped Up, they’re released some absolutely outstanding music and they continue this trend with a new EP from Dutta called ‘Tiger Claw’. Following on from Dutta’s remix of MC Bassman’s ‘Power To Kill’ which is absolutely filthy, Dutta calls on the talents of label boss Serum on ‘Wash Away’ and Jakes on our premiere ‘Reload’. This EP is more fire from the prolific producer.

After being mentioned in 2019, UKF recognised as one of the leading names in the new wave of Jump Up producers that have helped force the sound into the mainstream Dutta’s career started to shape up to be something special! With track support from the most influential people in the drum and bass scene, Dutta is cementing his name as an essential booking for events worldwide!

From starting out as a frontman for many live acts from T.C to Pendulum to being the head of his own genre-straddling label Hench Recordings, Jakes has made a lasting mark on the worldwide underground bass scene. Jakes is a big name MC of the drum and bass world who pioneered a sub-genre of dubstep which coined the term “Riddim” and he has never stopped making music with passion and progression. His talent has had him write music in films for directors including Darren Aronofski (Black Swan) and lay vocals for brands such as Puma.

Dutta’s new EP ‘Tiger Claw’ drops on Souped Up on 28th May. Check out ‘Reload’ with Jakes below and grab the EP from here