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Dutchi drops ‘Ways of the Underground’ EP


Nurtured Beatz Recordings are bringing us another excellent release, as they champion new talents in the Drum & Bass scene. This one comes from Essex-based producer and DJ Dutchi who lands on the imprint with her debut release. The ‘Ways of the Underground’ EP sees Dutchi channel her longtime love of dark jungle into a wicked three-track release for Kalm and Spindall‘s label.

The opening track ‘Ways of the Underground’ taps into the rich jungle tradition of hip-hop sampling, building tension on the intro before dropping into hard-edged amen chops and booming sub.

‘Spirit’ keeps things break-focused with an old school edge but switches the patterns up for a more rolling vibe.

Last up ‘Majestic 12’ drops the tempo down to 155bpm, exploring ravey territory with epic synth swells and chunky beats.

Today we premiere ‘Ways of the Underground’ which you can check out below. The EP dropped on Bandcamp on 23rd July and will be available everywhere else on 13th August. Make sure you grab a copy of this absolute beast from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!

Ways fo the Underground EP

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