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Duoscience ‘Evening Souvenirs’ [Kriterion Recordings]


Duoscience ‘Evening Souvenirs’ [Kriterion Recordings] ***Duoscience ‘Hide Note’ LP drops 15th December 2021 on Beatport***

Again longtime Brazilian vibe trader Duoscience releases his latest album, ‘Hide Note’. This is the second on the acclaimed label Kriterion Recordings after two years, moving and detailed as you’d like it to be.

Ranging from the Roy Ayers-style vibe flavour and rich bass of ‘That Morning’ to a deeper take on the present day and the title track ‘Hide Note’ via a roll-out, the string/horn disc salvages from ‘Gog’, after a bit of suspense and gloomy anticipation, comes the shocking funk of ‘Trôas’. If you’ve followed Duoscience’s work since its inception in mid-2007 and 2010, you should already know what it’s like, so immerse yourself in this great body of work and enjoy without moderation. Welcome to the new Duoscience world!

Check out our premiere of ‘Evening Souvenirs’ below. As we mentioned the album drops on 15th December on Beatport and it gets its worldwide release on 29th December, just in time for New Years! Grab yourself a copy from the button beneath the Soundcloud player!

Evening Souvenirs

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