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Duoscience collabs with Collette Warren and Valiant Emcee on ‘Forcing The Love’


Mark your calendars for Friday 15th March because that’s when Duoscience is dropping ‘Forcing the Love’ as part of his upcoming ‘Beco’ EP on his very own Diskool Records label. And guess what? The EP itself hits the shelves just a week later on March 22nd.

Let’s rewind to 2022, where Toronto’s Valiant Emcee decided to take a breather from the music scene to cook up something special. He had this album project in mind, and one of the first people he reached out to was none other than the Brazilian maestro of liquid beats, Duoscience. With a whopping fifteen years of experience under his belt, Duoscience has been churning out tunes left and right, making waves on labels like V Recordings, Fokuz, Soul Deep, Smooth and Groove, Liquid Drops, and of course, his own Diskool Records.

So, Valiant sends over his beats to the UK’s very own Collette Warren, and when he hears what she sends back, it’s like a light bulb moment. She paints this vivid picture of a relationship on its last legs, and Valiant decides to sprinkle in a couple of verses to really flesh out the story.

“When I heard the instrumental, I knew it was the perfect vehicle for Collette and I to work together. What I didn’t expect was what she would send back. The music is so warm and upbeat, a total contrast to the lamentations in her lyrics. But I liked how to it lent an air of optimism for the future of both people. We’ve all been in similar situations, where we weren’t really sure what to do next, because we still cared for that person. It’s a sad thing, but ultimately freeing for both.”

Valiant Emcee

Fast forward a bit, and Valiant decided to take his album project in a different direction, forsaking conventional Drum & Bass appeal. Realising that ‘Forcing the Love’ would no longer fit, he felt that it needed to be the highlight of a more dancefloor friendly release. Duoscience was totally on board, and he crafted the rest of the ‘Beco’ EP around it, adding tracks like ‘Beco’ and ‘Leave’ to the mix. The whole EP has this springtime vibe to it—think fresh beginnings and all that good stuff. It’s not quite the high-energy anthems you’d expect in the summer, but it’s got this warmth to it that just screams renewal. And get this—the EP drops right as spring kicks in. Coincidence? I think not.

“The beginning of spring is muddy, stormy, and sometimes cold. The sun is sporadic. But after that passes, the blossoms bloom and the birds sing. And that’s really what this song is about. The pain of change brings growth. What better time to release it to the world? All credit to Collette for taking a different approach, and I’m so happy to have been able to create something with her. And Duoscience is a don. I’m so glad to be a part of this.”

Valiant Emcee

Check out our premiere of ‘Forcing The Love’ below. The single drops this Friday 15th March with the ‘Beco’ EP landing a week later on Friday 22nd March. Make sure you grab yourself a copy from here!

Forcing The Love cover

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