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Duoscience and Dialective link up for ‘Let It Roll’ EP on Four Corners Music


As the name implies, Four Corners Music is dedicated to showcasing the diverse range of Drum & Bass artistry from around the world. This is beautifully exemplified by the ‘Let It Roll’ EP collaboration between the seasoned soulful artist Duoscience from Brazil and the emerging talent with a darker edge, Dialective from Estonia. Released on a label hailing from Hastings, this EP effortlessly embodies international collaboration.

The fusion of these global influences truly pays off.

Kicking things off is the track ‘Let it Roll,’ a collaborative effort by Duoscience and Dialective. It offers a glimpse of sun-soaked liquid euphoria, where dreamy chords intertwine seamlessly with floor-filling basslines and rhythmic beats.

Next up, each artist presents their individual work.

Duoscience goes solo with ‘Daily,’ delivering a soulful and heartfelt composition. Meanwhile, Dialective takes a step into the shadows with ‘Arctic,’ a darkly evocative piece that delves into a different emotional realm. Both artists showcase various aspects of their sound while remaining faithful to the EP’s atmospheric core.

This EP serves as another testament to the Four Corners ethos, weaving together disparate threads from the drum ‘n’ bass scene into a cohesive yet distinct whole. It introduces a fresh and unique sonic experience that deserves your attention. Don’t miss out on this release.

Check out our premiere of Dialective’s solo contribution ‘Arctic’ below. The ‘Let It Roll’ EP dropped yesterday (Monday 18th September), make sure you grab a copy from here!

Let It Roll cover