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Dunk joins EPO22 Music Tales with ‘Chapter Five’


It seems it is time for another release from EPO22 Music Tales. It seems it is time for the next chapter (Chapter Five to be exact). Another exciting story to tell. It seems it should be rolling deep. “What’s happening?” the reader whispers. “Ya dun know?!” the audience yells back in an unsuccessful attempt to describe the situation. for a moment or two there is silence. Then, suddenly…Kick, Snare, Clap, Hi-hat, Bass…DUNK! And everything falls into place…

Originating from São Paulo, Brazil, Dunk is one-half of the world-renowned Jam Thieves. He may be a new name to some, but he is no stranger to producing heavy Drum & Bass flows that push any sound system to its absolute limit.

The output from Dunk over the last couple of years or so has been nothing short of phenomenal! He has consistently delivered top-tier releases and always pushes the boundaries to their absolute limits! And this new release is no exception.

‘Chapter Five’ consists of 2 more wicked tracks from the prolific producer, ‘Point Blank’ on the A-Side and ‘Favela Sound’ on the flip.

Today we premiere ‘Point Blank’ which you can check out below. I’ve also included the Soundcloud link to ‘Favela Sound’ beneath the premiere. The single drops today (Thursday 8th September) via EPO22 Music Tales and is available for you to grab from here!

Chapter Five cover
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