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Dubruvvas join Identity Records with ‘Liquidate’ EP


With the force of an atomic weapon, Identity Records releases the next wave of heavyweight shellers in the form of ‘Liquidate’ EP by none other than Dubruvvas. Already well known for crafting hypnotic mind-melting motifs and earth-shattering subs, they take it to a whole new level with four tracks that explore the deepest recesses of the dark side of Drum & Bass.

‘Liquidate’ begins with a chunky rhythm that fades into ominous atmospherics, before drifting back in and crashing into the drop. This moment floors all the senses into submission from the pure weight of the bass tone. Combined with the techy shuffle of the hat section, it creates a rollercoaster ride that is impossible to resist.

Menacing with a hypnotic edge, ‘Run off’ enters the fray with blasts of intense noise. Employing an infectious rollicking rhythm with a haunting pulsing bassline, it creates a singular vibe the likes of which you’ve never heard before. The sound design itself is unique in its thick tone that seeps into you as the song surges forward. 

A raucous blend of weighty drums and chaotic shuffles create the minimalistic groove of ‘Shades of Magneta’. The overwhelming force of the sub carries you off into oblivion, as the squalls and growls that dot the landscape spontaneously invade your mind. All of these elements collide to create a tune that feels like it lasts forever. 

‘The Underground’ masterfully illustrates the vibe of a wild night at an underground warehouse. The deep and hollow timbre of the bass is mesmerizing, as the mutant howls reverberate through your skull. Layering an intricate top end shuffle over this, it turns the song into a force of nature that will get everyone on the dance floor stepping.

Today we premiere ‘Shades of Magneta’ which you can check out below! The EP drops this Friday 28th May and is available for you to grab from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!