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Dub Pistols prepare to drop their ‘Addict’ LP


Dub Pistols have dropped ‘Go Tell Your Friends’, another great track from their highly anticipated new album ‘Addict’. The album is set for release on October 16th 2020, via acclaimed imprint, Sunday Best Recordings.  

Dub Pistols ‘​Addict​’ is the eighth studio album from the highly respected group. The record promises a melting pot of dubwise sensibility, junglist riddims and feel good party anthems. It is already shaping up to be one of this year’s essential releases.

“I recorded over 3 albums worth of music to get to the finished version of ‘Addict’. Every time I finished a song, I would come up with another idea for a track and an artist I wanted to work with. It’s been incredible to collaborate with all the legends that I have on this record, but it’s also the new emerging talent such as Natty Campbell and Gardna that have really given me new enthusiasm.  The album has taken two years to record but has been 25 years in the making.” – Barry Ashworth

Dub Pistols previously released their stand out single ‘Stand Together’ back in June which features Rhoda Dakar who fronted all-female band, The Bodysnatchers, recorded with The Specials and Madness. Most recently she toured with The Selecter on their 40 years of 2Tone Tour as a DJ and Special guest.  In these unprecedented times, Dub Pistols and Rhoda hope the message rings loud and clear.  

Dub Pistols Feat. Rhoda Dakar ‘Stand Together’

“ ‘Stand Together’ was written about how far we’ve come, but how much further we still have to go when it comes to the war against racism.  We used footage from civil rights movements as the basis of the video and now to watch what is going on in America and how racism is still so seismic in our society, is devastating.  We need to stand together, learn from history, and move forward –  united.” Barry Ashworth

“If you reflect the world you see in your lyrics, events will always catch up to you. Sometimes that happens sooner than you expect. #StandTogether” Rhoda Dakar

Following the success of  ‘Crazy Diamonds’ which came in 2017, ‘Addict’ features mic skills not only from ​Rhoda Dakar​, but also ​MC Navigator,Lindy Layton​ and Ragga Twins and Natty Campbell. On top of this, their permanent live vocalist of the past few years, ​Mr Seanie T​.

Dub Pistols Feat. Too Many Ts ‘Crazy Diamonds’

Whilst the record is an electrifying, good-time listening experience as you might expect; it hasn’t arrived without its personal difficulties. During the recording process, the Dub Pistols tragically lost one of their most prominent members, ​Will Hensel​. Whilst nothing will replace Will’s energy and influence, the album will aim to pay fitting tribute to the dearly departed Dub Pistol.

Every bit the riotous collision of drum & bass, hip-hop, ska, dub and punk they’ve always been, Dub Pistols continue to push the boundaries with every release they put to their name.

This album is an incredible mix of songs and styles and an absolute MUST for fans.

Dub Pistols ‘Addict’ LP drops tomorrow (16th October) via Sunday Best Recordings. Make sure you get yourself a copy from here


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