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DTM Recordings return with a 2 tracker from Deploy


DTM Recordings has been quiet over the last year with its founder, Deploy, working on other projects. It’s patently obvious that he has been refining a razor sharp production style, as demonstrated in his latest release.

DTM Recordings return with a soulful Drum & Bass sound, from Deploy as he serves up an impeccable new 2-track single.

This release sees Deploy take a different direction from previous releases on his label. Listening to his latest tracks you can hear a distinct move towards this sound with the addition of Dylan Wilde’s soulful vocals. This is confirmed by Deploy in his own words about the title track ‘Show Them Love’:

“This single for the re-launch of DTM Recordings is about moving on, drawing a line under the past but with reflection and appreciation. About doing what’s right for yourself even if it’s going against the grain. It also represents a shift from past music I’ve released on the label and going back to melodic songwriting – something I’ve never stopped experimenting with. This is a new phase for myself and the label and I’m excited to share it on DTM.” Deploy

The intro for ‘Show Them Love’ hears the piano and guitar laced together to form a deep, mellow feel before the combination of emotive vocal harmonies with rich percussion and expansive amen snare trails kicks in. The bassline moves along nicely with the vocal-like synths which give this track a distinct ethereal feel. Deploy’s heartfelt lyrics take this track to the next level of soulful drum and bass – although if vocals aren’t your thing there is an instrumental version to include all deep dnb lovers.

‘Hope’ is the b-side of this single and it compliments it well with its female vocal sample and spacious sound experimenting with a minimal groove. Deploy doesn’t fill out every frequency possible but lets the track breathe whilst evoking feeling and emotion. This is a track that takes you on a journey, it compels you to stay with it as it builds and progresses which is a refreshing change from the instant gratification we are used to – and while the chunky sub-bass may tip its hat to the jungle era the guitar hook will transport you to a place of beaches and palm trees.

Deploy is bringing his sound home with multiple releases lined up for the next year on DTM Recordings. This is definitely a label to keep your ears open for.

Today we premiere ‘Show Them Love’ which you can check out below. The single drops on 30th October and is available to purchase from here


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