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Drumagick remix ‘Canto’ by My Little Friend


Today (26th February 2021), Black Diamonds Records release the Drumagick remix of ‘Canto’ by My Little Friend.

‘Canto’ has enjoyed being at the top of Beatport’s Deep House chart for weeks, establishing the mysterious My Little Friend as a producer to be reckoned with. Now, Drumagick bring the old school Drum & Bass wizardry and deliver a remix that is truly stunning. With expert use of their signature twist of samba broken beats and heavy bass taking the track to new levels. The Drumagick remix of ‘Canto’, by My Little Friend, is destined for dancefloors worldwide.

Drumagick is formed by JrDeep and Guilherme Lopes who are based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. They have helped, through their own songs and performances, to develop the Brazilian Drum & Bass scene since the late 90s. They added to its propagation to the world in the 2000s. Since then they’ve been busy bringing even more of the attention of the international dance music community to Brazil. Up to that point in time, the Drum & Bass scene there didn’t really have that much international visibility. After almost 20 years they’re still in the game and producing loads of top-notch records. They’ve also helped artists in a very diverse musical landscape, from Drum & Bass to new fusions with jazz, Brazilian and Latin music, going through broken beats to the straight beats of house music.

Today we premiere My Little Friend ‘Canto’ (Drumagick Remix). I actually LOVE this track! Check it out below, it dropped today and you can grab it on Beatport from here