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Drelio lands on Identity Records with his ‘Dissociate’ EP


Peeling back another hidden layer, Identity Records brings you four cold cuts from the heavyweight known as Drelio. Bringing his own blend of deep subs and buzzsaw blasts of noise, he runs amok through the dark side and showcases a serious passion as well as knowledge of the minimal sound. The ‘Dissociate’ EP takes us on a deep dive through growling basslines, razor sharp shuffles, and murky atmospheres that pack the kind of impact that keeps you glued to the edge of your seat.

The title track launches the release using a finely sculpted beat that slowly builds in rhythmic intensity, with the drop sliding in with an invisible punch. As the track rolls along, the fuzzy motif that dominates the soundscape creates a hypnotic effect that counterpoints the drum section perfectly. With the nonstop barrage of the metronomic hats, this track is prime evidence of the power in subtlety and simplicity.

‘Imposter’ revels in the harsh yet satisfying drawn-out distortion of the bass sound, especially when it focuses primarily on the lower tones of the sound spectrum. The furious pacing of the drums contrasts with the minimalistic composition of the bassline; this forms an ingenious pocket of space that calls attention to elements ranging from the timbre of the drums, to the placement of each layer that maximizes the energy of the track.

Amping up the ante with ‘Sleep Paralysis’, the producer delivers a high octane weapon that takes no prisoners. The click of the hat section is impenetrable and impossible to ignore, cutting a path through the centre of the track. With a dynamic subby groove pulling at you from all sides, these elements create an infectious ear worm of a track which is only tempered by the haunting echo of the vocal sample.

Head maestro and label founder DIS:TURBED enters the fray by turning ‘Sleep Paralysis’ on its head, employing his signature brand of heavy hitting drums and menacing atmospheres. By emphasizing the stepping nature of the beat and using the shuffle’s energy as a backdrop, he pulls forth an intense pulsing swing out of the drums and fuses them with the attack of the insect-like stabs. Topping it off with a powerful stripped back sub, this is one built for the sound system.

Today we premiere ‘Sleep Paralysis’ which you can check out below. Drelio;s ‘Dissociate’ EP drops on Friday 31st May, you can grab your copy here!

Dissociate cover

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