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Dose drops ‘Time & Space Part 1’ EP on Huski Records


Dose returns to Huski Records for their sixth release in establishing another longstanding name. ‘Time & Space Part 1’ EP presents four slick new cuts, the type of which are the perfect addition to the label’s slowly growing catalogue.

Time & Space Part 1 cover

Dose is the New Zealander who’s made his presence felt across a variety of Drum & Bass labels, especially those imprints who have helped shaped the very face of the genre.Whether that’s Ram Records, Subtitles, Renegade Hardware, SGN LTD, Commercial Suicide, Eatbrain, Redlight or his own PrescriptionZ imprint. There’s literally a host of names he’s been a part of, always continuing his high-levels of his production throughout and never compromising on quality. Releasing internationally since 2006, he has accounted for nearly one hundred releases across both digital and vinyl, as well as an album, cementing himself further afield from his local music scene. A unique and original artist.

For our premiere today we’ve selected ‘Genome’ which closes out the EP and is dark and dirty. It massively deserves to be heard on a big system, so it’s a good job Dose lives in a part of the world where this is actually possible!

Check out ‘Genome’ below. Dose drops his ‘Time & Space Part 1’ EP on Huski Records on 8th April, make sure you bag yourself a copy from here


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