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Dopplershift drops his ‘Republic of Jungle’ EP


The next release on prominent French Drum & Bass label Hyperactivity Music comes via South Africa’s east coast. Port Elizabeth DJ/producer and Rubricate Records head honcho Dopplershift has continually impressed in recent months. Charting twice in Beatport’s D&B Top 10 with his stellar output on emergent imprints Delta9 and Four Corners, so it was only right that he got the call-up for a four-track EP.

‘Republic of Jungle’ is Dopplershift’s debut on Hyperactivity. It’s absolutely rammed with that low-end goodness we all love. As its title suggests, the project draws on influences from old school jungle. It also explores more minimal arrangements.

The opening track ‘Space X’ finds an intoxicated MC Filth drawling “If I could get anymore high, I’d now be out of space”. Then, it bursts into a boisterous crescendo, punctuated by gnarled basslines and decorated by iconic sampled breaks. The ensuing number, ‘Safari Dubplate’, veers in a more melodic direction. Drawn-out synth leads and shuffling hi-hats are overlaid by a nostalgic ragga jungle vocal.

Next up ‘Motley Sound’ samples an infectious topline from a reggae deejay, scattered amidst an exhilarating techstep drop. The drop unpredictably stops and starts with all the fun of a game of musical statues. Executed with masterful precision, the second drop switches up the groove entirely. It employs a completely new drum pattern to ensure that there are new surprises in every bar.

The EP’s final offering is one for the foghorn fans and is our premiere for today ’18SVLN’. This one’s a knocking, syncopated delight, comically instructing listeners to “nod your f***ing head”. This draws us into the irresistible rhythm of this stonker of a track.

Executed to a sky-high standard, the ‘Republic of Jungle’ EP really does cater for fans of all variants of Drum & Bass. Dopplershift is one to watch and a pivotal figure in the growing South African D&B scene.

Check out Dopplershift ’18SVLN’ below. The ‘Republic of Jungle’ EP drops on 4th November, make sure you get it from here


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