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Divided Audio drop Uphonix ‘Take It Back’ (K2T’s Further Back Remix)


To commemorate their 30th milestone release, Divided Audio proudly introduces K2T, the visionary behind Detached Audio, renowned for his recent standout remixes of tracks by Good Shepherd and Kipsy. K2T has graced Divided Audio with his remix prowess, delivering an awe-inspiring reinterpretation of Uphonix’s track, ‘Take It Back.’

Uphonix, a rising force in the drum and bass scene, boasts a distinctive sound that melds infectious rhythms with emotive melodies. His original composition, ‘Take It Back’, caught the attention of K2T, who undertook the task of reimagining it into the ‘Further Back Remix’. This rendition is a sonic expedition, seamlessly blending Uphonix’s original essence with K2T’s signature elements—epic amen breaks, resonant sub-bass, and uplifting melodies—transforming the track into an electrifying journey that promises to captivate listeners and ignite dance floors alike.

K2T, an esteemed figure in the drum and bass community, not only commands attention through his remixes but also through his original productions. His musical ingenuity has earned acclaim from industry heavyweights such as Monrroe, Random Movement, and Nelver. Beyond his own releases, K2T has left an indelible mark on labels like Bay 6 Recordings, Calibrate Records and Beat Spectrum, showcasing his diverse skill set and unique sonic palette.

Remarkably, this remix marks K2T’s 100th track released under this alias—an achievement that speaks volumes about his dedication and talent. Divided Audio enthusiastically celebrates this milestone, declaring, “We couldn’t be more proud to host his 100th release!”

Uphonix, on the other hand, continues to carve a niche with his evocative productions, blending soulful elements with the raw energy of drum and bass. His collaborations and solo works have been gaining traction, earning admiration from both fans and peers within the genre. ‘Take It Back’ stands as a testament to his evolving artistry, setting the stage for an exciting musical journey ahead.

Together, the convergence of Uphonix’s original composition and K2T’s visionary remixing skills creates an electrifying synergy—a testament to the boundless creativity thriving within the drum and bass landscape.

Check out our premiere of Uphonix ‘Take It Back’ (K2T’s Further Back Remix) below. The track drops today (8th December), you can grab yourself a copy from here!

Uphonix 'Take It Back' (K2T's Further Back Remix) cover

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