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Dirtbox kick off 2024 with a new series called ‘Rock N Rollerz’


Dirtbox Recordings is diving headfirst into 2024 with some serious energy! They are kicking off their general releases by introducing the Rock N Rollerz series – a whole new musical adventure spotlighting rolling drum & bass and jungle bangers. The series, featuring a lineup of awesome artists, is set to unfold throughout 2024, culminating in a killer ‘Rock N Rollerz’ compilation.

This cool concept started as an idea from their buddies at RAW in Birmingham, UK. They wanted to throw the spotlight on the Rolling DNB vibes that’ve been tearing up the scene, and Dirtbox Recordings is all about it. Birmingham was the DNB mecca in 2023, and the label is keeping that vibe alive and well into 2024, starting off the year with two incredible talents.

Guess what else? This release is Dirtbox Recordings’ 49th – yeah, they’re counting! And get ready, because their 50th release is dropping at the end of February, and it’s gonna be epic. They’re hitting some big milestones, and they hope fans are as pumped as they are for their first EP in the ‘Rock N Rollerz’ series.

So, let’s talk about these artists. Ben Horne, aka Entropy, caught Dirtbox Recordings’ attention at the RAW Xmas DJ competition in December 2022 in Birmingham. They hit it off, talked music, and bam, his tracks were signed up with Dirtbox. SKANDAL, on his second go with them, has a rap sheet full of high-profile collabs with big names on labels like Ram and Audio Addicts. These guys are bringing their A-game to kick off 2024, and there’s plenty more where that came from.

‘Feeling Alright’ is everything modern Jungle should be, with killer amens, claps, and kicks. Dirtbox Recordings’ awesome female vocalist adds that extra flavour, leading into the ‘wobs’ and ‘wubs’ – guaranteed to rock any dancefloor worldwide.

‘Shattered Glass’ sees Entropy and SKANDAL team up and is a real favourite around Dirtbox Recordings, ‘Shattered Glass’ is the track that sealed the deal for this EP. SKANDAL is dropping serious lyrics on this drum-heavy beast. “Not hungry for the fame, this ain’t commercial,” but it’s gonna set the buzz for the rave they all love. Get ready for some vocal mastery and serious drum action. Fans can’t wait to dive into it!

Today we premiere ‘Shattered Glass’ which you can check out below. The ‘Rock N Rollerz EP #1’ drops tomorrow, Friday 2nd February, and is available for you to get your hands on here!

Rock N Rollerz EP #1 cover

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