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Dirtbox celebrate 5 years and 50 releases with ‘5 Years Of Filth – 50th Release Album Sampler 01’


Dirtbox Recordings are standing at a pretty big moment in their label’s history, hitting a major milestone alongside the second-largest landmark in their journey, all in the same month. 2024 marks five years since the label kicked off, and they’re feeling pretty darn proud of what they’ve achieved – 50 general releases and 6 compilations with tracks from 160 artists, clocking in at 158 tracks since around mid-2018.

They wanna give a big shoutout to everyone who’s been part of this ride – from the super-talented artists to the folks buying and streaming the tunes, and of course, the unsung heroes behind the scenes who keep the whole show running smoothly.

As they hit the five-year mark, they’re dropping something special: a 4-part EP series remixing some of their sickest tracks from the archives. These EPs are gonna build up to a massive 26-track album featuring past, present, and future remixes, with a bunch of exclusive, never-before-heard remixes in the mix.

They’re kicking things off with EP Sampler 1, featuring some futuristic Neurofunk remixes of their all-time favourite Dirtbox tracks from the past few years. Get ready for a wild ride!

First up is ‘Bring The Fire’ by Varkid, remixed by Beskar. This dark and heavy junglist number from Brent Kilner, aka Varkid, caught fire back in 2021 and became a hit in sets worldwide. Beskar’s remix in 2023 took things up a notch, becoming a massive hit in its own right.

Next, we’ve got ‘By A Thread’ by Resurgence, remixed by First Person. Cristian Resurgence and label boss Lee UHF have been tight for a while, so it was only natural to give some of Resurgence’s tracks the remix treatment. First Person’s twist on the original brings some serious epic vibes to the table.

Then there’s ‘The System’ by TRCD, remixed by Stonx. TRCD’s been a regular on the label for a minute, so it was only right to give one of their tracks a fresh spin. Stonx totally flipped the script with his remix, adding his own intense flavour to the mix.

Last but not least, we’ve got ‘Chicago Style’ by Resurgence & ODen, remixed by The Fi5tth. Resurgence and ODen teamed up for a standout track from the ‘Faded Colours’ album, and The Fi5tth’s remix takes it to a whole new level with some serious Neurofunk vibes.

‘5 Years Of Filth – 50th Release Album Sampler 01’ drops on February 23rd, with the full 50th release album hitting on April 5th. You can catch them first on Beatport and Spotify before they hit all other platforms two weeks later.

Today we premiere Resurgence ‘By A Thread’ (First Person Remix), check it out below and grab yourself a copy of ‘5 Years Of Filth – 50th Release Album Sampler 01’ here!

Dirtbox  '5 Years Of Filth - 50th Release Album Sampler 01' cover

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