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Dillinja ‘Hard Noize’ gets an official remix


Dillinja. It’s a name that needs little introduction but there might be people reading this who may not be aware of how prolific the producer is and how influential he has been within the Jungle/Drum & Bass scene over the last 30 years. Dillinja has been producing jungle music since 1991 when jungle was still really new. He has released numerous records over the years, many of which are now classed as classics and were heavily influential in the growth and movement of Jungle/Drum & Bass. In 2001 along with Lemon D, Dillinja launched his Soundsystem and label Valve Recordings having its debut at fabric London. They have subsequently travelled across the UK and the World.

Release after release his name has always been at the forefront as a pioneer when you think about jungle music, and little has changed over time. Tracks like ‘The Angels Fell’, ‘Twist ‘Em Out’ and ‘Grimey’ have all helped cement Dillinja into the Jungle/Drum & Bass Hall Of Fame. His classic track ‘Hard Noize’ is instantly recognisable when you hear it played out and is a staple in most DJs USB’s and record bags. Now, 22 years after it was originally released and who knows how many bootlegs, Valve Recordings return with the anticipated release of one the biggest drum & bass dubplates of the last few years. One of Bristol’s finest exports, Break was tasked with the incredible job of remixing it…no pressure! The result…an absolute show stopper! Also included in the release is a new belter from Break, the Valve sound inspired ‘Tubes’ that also bangs seriously hard.

Check out Break’s remix of Dillinja ‘Hard Noize’ below. It’s out on 29th May so grab a copy from here


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