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Digital 101 Recordings set to unleash ‘The Drop’ LP


Launched in 2013, Digital 101 Recordings is the drum & bass record label hailing from London which has never changed its output for commercial appeal. That’s why the imprint continues to be a buy-on-sight platform, one which has repeatedly released the type of sounds which find themselves nestled within the most raucous DJ sets. And fan’s appetites will be whet with the announcement of their compilation ‘The Drop’, spanning an impressive fourteen brand new selections, each of which showcasing another member of their impressive roster. From an events brand, through to their place in the drum & bass scene releasing cutthroat records, they’ve built an audience which will be impatiently waiting for this album’s release… And it’s well worth the wait. The diversity of its track list ensures that.

Beginning the album is Ironlung’s ‘Brute’, an epic introduction which goes straight for the jugular following its first drop. The Silent Storm rework of Enta’s ‘Dosed Up’ follows in quick succession, proving just as explosive. ‘Everyday’ from Desire changes the direction, meanwhile ‘Playtime’ featuring Flexxa draws out the darker flavours with help from label head Grimeminister, known for his place amongst drum & bass royalty as part of Eksman’s Next Hype brand. Ironglung provides his talents once more on ‘Frequency Test’ alongside Nightbreed, followed in quick succession by Kre and Basshoven’s ‘With You’. Flexxa’s ‘Dreamz’ is then given the rework treatment, as the rolling melodies of MKDA’s ‘Fallen’ and the slamming drums of Dispoze’s ‘High All the Time’ adds to the album’s versatility. The expert drum work which draws you through Version’s ‘Trumped’ begins to draw the LP to a close, as you’re left to finish on the disjointed snares of LVB’s ‘Bad Boy Dub’ and the half-time stomper ‘Bacon Butty’ by Damage Report. All in all, it proves an almighty package.

‘The Drop’ pulls together a massive number of tracks, each of which gives an insight into another part of the label’s history and the versatility of its army of artists. Led by family team Grimeminister and label manager Julia Toppin, they’ve proven once more that their A&R flex has helped them pull together a project which is bound for success.

Today we premiere Grimeminister and Flexxa’s collaboration ‘Playtime’. Check it out below. ‘The Drop’ LP drops on Digital 101 Recordings on 31st July, make sure you grab it!