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Deuce & Charger: 5 tracks from our childhoods we still love


North London-based husband and wife team Pete and Becky Bott aka Deuce & Charger have emerged as a fresh new sound in vocal drum and bass. The pair’s combination of emotive melodies, beautiful tones and electro inspired productions have been described by Radio 1’s Rene LaVice as “very different, very unique – it’s cool!”.

With tracks on leading labels Viper, Liquicity, Technique, Subsphere and Mayan Audio, Deuce & Charger continue to rise from the underground of the scene. They have been playlisted on 1Xtra, played on Radio 1 (Friction and Rene LaVice) and Kiss Fresh (Andi Durrant), featured in magazines, and championed by leading blogs, stations and channels.

Here they let us into some of the tracks from their formative years which got them into the dance music scene and they still love today…

Galvanise – The Chemical Brothers

Becky: The Moroccan string sample and Q-Tip’s voice along with the cool rhythm track is just so interesting and unusual. The combination is so unique and ear catching. I’ve loved this track since the first time I heard it when it was released back in 2004.

Around The World – Daft Punk

Pete: One of the first tracks that got me into dance music. It still sounds so fresh and, although it’s not D&B, continues to be a massive influence on our productions.

Ms Jackson – Outkast

Becky: What a tune!! What’s not to love? It’s got incredible lyrics, so many cool hooks to sing along to (forever-ever-forever-ever!), a brilliant video and it’s got an irresistible groove – I love it!

Controversy – Prince

Pete: I remember seeing the video for this on some 80s throwback show when I was about 11 and just thinking it was so weird. Prince is wearing a thong, high-heel boots and a mac, and his synth player is dressed like a surgeon! The track is amazing though; so minimal and funky.

Breathe – The Prodigy

Pete: I was mainly into guitar music when I was growing up but I bought this single when it came out. I loved it because it sounded so alien to me and had a wicked energy – it still sounds that way today!

Deuce & Charger’s latest single ‘We Are Made Of Light’ is out on 30th August via Lost Together Music. Check it out here and grab a copy here


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