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Detached Audio celebrate 5 years with a new VA


Humble little label, Detached Audio celebrate 5 years of the imprint. They’ve brought in some great talent to remix some of the classic tracks from their discography.

Detached Audio welcome Madusea, Incus and Elemental Entropy to the label for the first time, and welcome back Hex and Echo Motion. These artists have taken on tracks by K2T, Option, Sirus and Linear and have flipped them into bangers that morph the originals into new entities.


Madusea steps into the ring first to remix ‘Elder Spirit’ by label boss K2T. By chopping up the original lead hook into short hits, Madusea has transformed the liquid/jungle hybrid into a dark, techy beast!

Echo Motion returns as a solo artist and takes on ‘In The Clouds’ by Option. While Echo Motion has been making a name for himself with beautiful liquid, this remix shows his darker side. He turns Option‘s sultry track into a monster; watch out for the second-half switch!

Next up, Hex takes on Sirus‘ ‘Arashi’ and switches it into a roller as he does best. Chopping up the bass from the original while introducing the original breaks as fills, Hex effortlessly shows us how a real roller is made.

Detached proudly welcome Occupy Sound boss Incus to the family, as he remixes ‘Icebreaker’ by Linear and K2T. The original dancefloor track is taken into a deeper direction while retaining the funk that made ‘Icebreaker’ a crowd favourite.

Finally, we have an alternative excursion from Hawaii-based Elemental Entropy. He turns Option’s beautiful ‘I Need It’ into a deep, moody dubstep track. Smatterings of the original track’s pianos are placed smoothly around a sparse 140 beat, which perfectly diversifies this phenomenal EP.

Detached Audio‘s aim has always been to release diverse music from a range of people. This EP adds yet another arrow to their bow. 5 years have gone, and their aim will still be met in the years to come.

Today we premiere Linear & K2T ‘Icebreaker’ (Incus Remix). It seemed only fitting that we follow up with this after premiering the original last October (check it out here). The remix is much darker than the original but still keeps the elements and vibe. Check out the Incus remix below. ‘5 Years of Detached Audio Part II’ drops on 30th October, make sure you grab a copy from here


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