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DESIGN drops ‘Blotter / Drop Top’ on Drama Records


DESIGN makes his DRAMA RECORDS debut with his latest single entitled ‘Blotter / Drop Top’ which is penned for release on 5th April.

A music producer and engineer from the US state of Colorado, DESIGN’s dark influenced productions have brought him to a number of labels including Plymouth’s Trio Recordings and the American label Section 8. Now he’s bringing his sound to the newly emergent Drama Records. DESIGN delivers a further two tracks of dark and devious Drum & Bass for the label’s first release with ‘Blotter / Drop Top’.

DESIGN is focused on bringing us an ever-increasing quality of music from himself as well as the others he works with and helps make things possible. He also offers production/mix/mastering services (you can contact him about this service here).

Our premiere ‘Blotter’ opens the release with a twisting melodic pattern that rises upwards amidst psychedelic sonics before opening the gateway to an uproarious bassline that bellows out above the track’s percussion with resounding force. “Drop Top’ then follows with a set of resonant snares set amidst a mischievous melody, which provides the prelude to the heavyweight undulations of the bassline which twists and turns between the percussive sequence to follow.

With ‘Blotter / Drop Top’, DESIGN delivers a powerful opening to the Drama Records catalog with the single’s two massive tracks, marking both himself and the label as entities to watch within the diverse world of stateside Drum & Bass.

Check out our premiere of DESIGN ‘Blotter’ below. The tracks drop via Drama Records on Monday 5th April, grab it from here!


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