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Deploy drops ‘Night After Night’ ft. Dylan Wilde


Fresh off the back of his last single ‘Show Them Love’ in October, Deploy follows up with a heavier, melodic 2-track single. This is his last release on DTM Recordings for the year.

Deploy calls on his alias, Dylan Wilde, once again for the emotive vocals he’s becoming known for. This demonstrates that the melody is never lost even on harder liquid tracks.

“These tracks are a kind of continuation from the last release on the label. They are along the same melodic sound but harder. I love merging a melodic vibe with vocals and dance floor weight. Both tracks are about progression too, I do love a good drop but I also like to take people on a journey too!” – Deploy

The lush pads and piano intro for ‘Night After Night’ along with the vocal hook lure you in with anticipation for a drop that doesn’t disappoint with its double bass lead-in. Spaced out beats roll throughout as the track progresses and builds with the heavy bass pulling the track along with punching kicks and atmospheric strings. The switch on the second drop proves that Deploy’s tracks are meant to be enjoyed in full.

The B-side, ‘Nobody Knows’, has harder beats with an organ intro and a 303 acid-like bass overlaid with more hauntingly soulful vocals. The drop is solid and has a nostalgic feel of ‘93 hardcore breakbeat coming from the drums. A pulsing bassline switches nicely to move with the melody of the vocals halfway through. Deploy has definitely found a way to mesh expressive male vocals with deep Drum & Bass.

2020 has been a strong year for Deploy and DTM Recordings and long may it continue into the next and beyond!

Check out our premiere of Deploy ‘Night After Night’ ft. Dylan Wilde below. The EP drops on Friday 11th December. Make sure you grab a copy from here


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