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Demand Records celebrates with ’10 Years Demand Records #2′


Demand Records celebrates its 10th anniversary with a string of releases. ’10 Years Demand Records #2′ is just the 2nd instalment out of 7 of the celebrations!

It’s clear that the producers on this release are not resounding names within the Drum & Bass scene as yet, nevertheless, Demand Records are excited about each one and every of them. And with good reason!

First up tshabee only had his debut release on Demand Records in July 2021 on their ‘Selects Series’ and his new track ‘S.L.I.M.’ is a perfect continuation of that. It’s a unique, minimal and scatty track like no other out there. A perfect example, as the vocal in the track states, is that sometimes less is more!

From somebody that only just appeared in the scene to someone that will have their debut release: switch/case. The first-ever female produced track on the label and Demand tell us “we’re a bit ashamed that it took 10 years to get here”. Hopefully, this is the start of a lot more female producers getting their music signed to the label. ‘Saucer’ is a lovely deep and tech hurter that rolls effortlessly.

Isotropik on the other hand might ring a bell for a few. Whatever they send into Demand, they just love it. And their addition to this offering ‘Burning Bush’ is no different, it was also specifically written for this release. They tried to encapsulate the Demand sound on this track and although we’d say they are diverse in sound, we feel Isotropik succeeded. This one’s a deep and bouncy stepper that will get any room moving!

Today we premiere Isotropik’s offering ‘Burning Bush’ which you can check out below. ’10 Years Demand Records #2′ drops this Friday (24th September 2021), you can grab yourself a copy from the purchase link beneath the Soundcloud player!


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