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Delta Heavy & MUZZ combine on ‘Higher Ground’


The legendary duo of Delta Heavy welcomes a third member to the team for their first release of 2020: MUZZ. Previously known as Muzzy, the drum and bass veteran returns in well-known style with bursting new sounds.

MUZZ is renowned for the pulsating fusion of Drum & Bass and Industrial rock overlaid with orchestral arrangements and euphoric hooks. He has become one of the hottest go-to names for high-octane bass driven music.

‘Higher Ground’ comes with striking influences of 80’s sounds that turn this special Drum and Bass tune into a true anthem. Lending her vocal talents to ‘Higher Ground’ is British vocalist Cammie Robinson who is a flourishing artist originally hailing from West Yorkshire now living in Derbyshire. Her growing abilities as a songwriter and vocalist enabled her to develop a portfolio of songs that resultantly gained airplay across radio stations including the BBC Introducing Network. She has previously released tracks on Liquicity, Sony and Circus Records.

This collaboration of the well-known sound of true drum and bass legends with a novel twist of Cammie’s voice makes ‘Higher Ground’ a highly anticipated release on Liquicity.

Delta Heavy & MUZZ feat. Cammie Robinson ‘Higher Ground’ is out today (27th April) on Liquicity Records. Check out the track below and grab it from here