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Delah drops ‘Upheaval’ EP on inHabit Recordings


It’s been a few months since the last one of these but the world keeps turning and we move, pushing the parts-per-million of atmospheric carbon up into the higher 400s and half of our summers are lightning and thunder and the rest are all baking heat, but take several seats if you’re after the breakbeats, breathe deep and repeat. They say it’s an El Nino year, but here at inHabit we’ve an El Nino of our own up our sleeves in the form of course of Anglo-Spanish wunderkind Delah with his ‘Upheaval’ EP, fresh out Valentia, and I’m not talking the island where Jet Li and Calibre dwell.

Recently relocated to the grimiest metropolis in Western Europe, Delah comes with a rock solid pedigree and a growing catalogue of sweet and unsavoury DJ tools both with his hometown crew Low Syndicate Audio and with other respected labels like HC Records and South Yard. Like every other recent arrival here he was struck by the magic of the people, the complete absence of sunshine and the legendary aggression of the seagulls that populate our inner city and coasts, hunting in packs and swooping down to knock chips and ice creams alike from the hands of the unwary. ‘This Is Dublin’ is a distillation of a city through the eyes of an outsider, a low-slung, moody weapon of a stepper, all attitude and swagger, deft touches and distant horns, the faint squawk of gulls reverberating in the air, and the kind of atmosphere you could cut with a Stanley-knife.

If you’ve been here you know, if you’ve not then this will absolutely not convince you to hop on a plane and that’s how we like it frankly, the city’s wall-to-wall shite hipster hotels and AirBnBs and nobody can afford to live here anymore. ‘Orutund’ is all that and then some, switching out the gulls for even gullier vibes, all salt and squelch, with a few of Delah’s trademark off-kilter sampledelic snatches to remind yourselves there are human spirits involved here. EP closer ‘Upheaval’ comes with a stripped-down and atmospheric flex with enough of a sting in the tail to keep the deepest dancefloors alive, alive-o. Height did a bang-up job getting this all sounding the way you like it so you know what to do, cop this immediately and thank us later.

Check out our premiere of ‘Upheaval’ below. The EP drops via inHabit Recordings tomorrow, Friday 11th August, make sure you grab a copy here!

Upheaval cover

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