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D-Code & Psylence drop ‘Everyday/With You’ ft. Dubois


D-Code & Psylence gear up to release a feel-good Drum & Bass groove, topped with an empowering message to keep the faith featuring the very eclectic Dubois! The release comes in the form of a 2 track single entitled ‘Everyday/With You‘ today on 4NC¥!

Globally, we are all witnessing many paradigm shifts right now and in these trying times, we could all use a bit of optimism and perseverance to help us cope and thrive in our daily lives. ‘Everyday/With You‘, the latest masterpiece by D-Code & Psylence is a soulful and empowering EP giving us that pinch of much needed good vibes we need. Both the tracks of the EP have inherited strong soulful and RnB influences.

‘Everyday’ actually started as a hip hop/lofi track and has a play on chopped up vocals and instrumentation reminiscent of the two-step garage days that the duo were really into during the ’90s.

‘Everyday‘ is literally about that feeling of always being challenged, within society, within yourself… and sometimes, your spirit speaks up and says “nope, not today”(…) That’s basically where the main inspiration for this song comes from. I’m channelling my inner truth, my inner power and affirming it.” – Dubois

The second track, ‘With You’, originally had a vocal sample running through it but Dubois made her mark on the track, giving it a true voice. ‘With You‘ was inspired by being honest with yourself. Understanding that yearning that happens over time for someone you love when they’re no longer around. 

D-Code & Psylence have known Dubois since their first release on The Weird and the Wonderful. They had used a Mary J Blige sample in ‘You and I’ but needed it to be re-sung. That’s when the duo was introduced to Dubois through a mutual friend. Since then they have remained friends so when they needed a vocalist for these tracks they knew exactly who to go to. Dubois always lays it down, hitting the right notes with the right lyrics and feelings!

When listening to this two track EP, the artists want people to connect with the music in their own personal way. The moods, vibes, lyrics, sounds have all been selected and work together to hopefully make people feel something, as well as get them dancing!

Today we premiere ‘With You’ which you can check out below. The single drops today on 4NC¥, make sure you grab yourself a copy from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!