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Cyber Posix & Valiant Emcee’s ‘Never Too Late’ EP gets remixed


On 16th July, Fokuz Recordings will release Cyber Posix and Valiant Emcee’s ‘Never Too Late (The Remixes) EP, featuring remixes by Winslow, Diligent Fingers, and Echo Brown. Last summer’s original EP featured T.R.A.C., Josiah Scribes, flowanastasia, and HD, and received widespread support from DJ’s like Bryan Gee, Stunna, and Benny Collab. After such a successful debut, the Toronto-based producer and MC knew they wanted to avoid the cliches of a remix release.

“We wanted producers that would bring wildly different styles to the table. Winslow has created a very distinct sound on such labels as Goldfat and Hospital. Echo Brown has been on the rise for a while and his EP on The North Quarter was fantastic. And Diligent Fingers is a musical chameleon, with a huge, diverse body of work, including a wonderful EP on Liquid Lab.” – Valiant Emcee

The result is an EP that carries on the spirit of the original, but feels completely original. Even the artwork, a photograph of the Toronto skyline by Toronto singer Anastasia Kedrova, was a departure from the original. 

When Fokuz heard the remixes, they made the decision to stagger the release of each of the tunes to give them all room to breathe on their own. Winslow’s remix of ‘Never Too Late (feat. T.R.A.C.)’ dropped on June 18th. The Diligent Fingers remix of ‘Jamine (feat. flowanastasia)’ came out on July 2nd. And the full EP, including Echo Brown’s remix of ‘Sepia (feat. Josiah Scribes and HD)’ will be unleashed on July 16th.

“Fokuz felt that each of the three remixes were deserving of their own time to shine. Winslow gave his remix a decidedly uplifting sense of victory. Diligent Fingers kept the main elements of the original but gave them a completely new arrangement, and an almost bossa nova feel to the drums. And Echo Brown’s remix turned the original into a cosmic dance anthem.” – Valiant Emcee

The EP has been generating a lot of buzz, with support coming from such luminaries as London Elektricity, Doc Scott, and Stunna

As for Echo Brown’s “cosmic dance anthem”, there has been considerable excitement for his contribution. Coming off of a successful and acclaimed EP on The North Quarter, he’s exceeding the expectations that have been placed on his shoulders the past couple of years as one of Drum & Bass’ finest young talents. His ‘Sepia’ remix is further proof. The deceptively restrained percussion rides underneath warm pads and jazzy keyboard licks, with a highly textured bassline providing the tune’s chewiest meat. The whole affair feels at once futuristic, sensual, and highly danceable.

“My original evoked summer nights. Echo Brown’s remix brought the disco lights.” – Cyber Posix

Today we’re delighted to be sharing Echo Brown’s remix with you for the first time, check it out below. The ‘Never Too Late (The Remixes) EP is out now on Bandcamp and will be available everywhere else on 16th July! Grab a copy from the purchase button beneath the Soundcloud player!